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Brent Souther Halversen, LLC. applies the law forcefully and professionally for all our clients. We draw on a diverse array of life and legal experiences. Our legal careers began in South Florida and we continually draw upon our experience from working in large Florida law firms handling banking,  real estate and municipal law matters.


Choosing the right attorney for your case cannot guarantee you success, but choosing the wrong attorney will guarantee your failure. With the modern corporatization of the practice of law, large law firms proclaim the capabilities of successfully handling your case, however, the attorney often selected is not the attorney that ends up working on your case. Instead, the case is more often than not delegated to a junior attorney with little to no experience in handling your matter. By choosing our firm, the attorney you choose will be an experienced attorney working on your case, devoted to your case from start to finish, without delegating the case to a junior attorney. We select only a limited number of cases to handle each year which enables us to pour every ounce of time and effort into your case to the extent required.


Brent Halversen concentrates in business litigation matters in the Charleston, South Carolina area as well as throughout the State of Florida. He represents real estate developers in project litigation and national financial institutions in mortgage-related litigation.


Put your trust in our experience.


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