Medical Malpractice

Brent Souther Halversen, LLC. handles Medical Malpractice matters.

Before starting his own practice, Mr. Brent Halversen represented physicians and HCA owned hospitals in medical malpractice litigation. Having defending medical professionals and institutions in medical malpractice litigation gives us unparalleled experience in your lawsuit and search for an attorney when you have been harmed. We have experience in all the following types of cases: perforations associated with cardiac catheterizations, endoscopic perforations, iatrogenic pneumothorax and hemothorax, mal-intubations, radiology misreads, surgical errors, plastic surgical errors, obstetrics malpractice, optometric malpractice, medications and anesthesia errors, misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis, and dental malpractice  All requests for information will be kept strictly confidential, consistent with the South Carolina Rules of Professional Responsibility.